Who We Are?

Kare Connect is an appendage of Technohealth LLC. Investing a decade of innovations, Technohealth is a Leading Healthcare Software Provider across the country. As they say “an idea, just need a planning”, two enthusiastic and preeminent Pharmacists by profession, started this venture to ease the access of Healthcare for every single American.

This unbelievable decade of learning, research, development, designing, planning and implementation with an end result of enormous success starting from scratch, inspired us to join the pieces of Healthcare and make is available at a Patient’s doorstep. Technohealth recently introduced their first Masterpiece of Digital Health with the name of Kare Connect - Simplifying Healthcare powered by Technohealth integrating Pharmacies and Prescribers with a Pharmacy Network of its own kind, having 100+ Distribution Centers nationwide. At Kare Connect, engineers and innovators are continuously performing to give life to an idea. There is a lot more to introduce and much more to invent and produce, we are still testing and keep updating to avoid inaccuracy.

Not just Prescribers, even the Patients can also check the status of their prescription while it is being filled. Save your time by not calling just to check the status of your Prescription & Orders. Visit the easy to use web portal to check status always. We provide dedicated portal to Patients & Prescribers.

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